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  • Network Concept

    Our Network System consists of 16 Grades in total, each Grades has its respective Club names. For instance : 16th (Grade) - Ruby (Club name) . A member cannot be a part  of the Ruby Club immediately after joining, You have to add two more members (Left - 1 & Right - 1) in the Network. Once you have become a member of Grade 16 after adding two more members (Left - 1 & Right - 1), you  will be receiving any of the two offers among the three (Stipend, Loan, Gift). It may differ accoding to your Grade in which you are in.For Instance : For Grade 15 :- Stipend 600, Loan Rs.5000 and for Grade 4:- Stipend Rs. 52,000 x 24 months, Gift Bike Fund Rs. 70,000.

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